Stella Scott: Human Microphone


Dorothy Feaver & Stella Scott:
Human Microphone


Human Microphone amplifies voices through the power of karaoke. This participatory project by Dorothy Feaver & Stella Scott entreats singers to sustain an entire night devoted to ‘Stay Another Day’ by East 17.

The local anthem put Walthamstow on the map, and for Art Night, its core sense of yearning is channelled through its place of origin, via a new instrumental cover and video. The performative live event is a platform for multiple renditions of the song, testing the point at which message becomes mantra. Captured on film for a nationwide audience, Human Microphone activates the civic history of The Chequers, a public meeting place dating back to the 17th century.

Music by Jacob Samuel with thanks to Bianca Scout and Natural Voices Choir

Motion graphics by Alice Dunseath

Graphic design by Oliver Smith


Image: Alice Feaver

Pervilion presents Human Microphone

22 June 2019

The Chequers
145 High St
London E17 7BX

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